Prioritizing Potential Investments in Denver Public Schools

While Colorados economy is booming, funding for education still has not recovered from the Great Recession. A Community Planning Advisory Committee, made up of 70 community members representing neighborhoods throughout Denver, has been exploring what is needed to help Denver schools keep moving forward.

In addition to considering bond funding that could help maintain and build schools, this community group is exploring mill levy funding to support more educational programming for students. A mill levy is a potential source of funding that is approved by Denver voters, and can help bridge the gap between our students growing needs and limited resources for education in Colorado.

This community group is about halfway through its work, and is expected to make a final set of recommendations for bond and mill levy priorities to the Board of Education in June. The committee is considering five potential investment areas for mill levy support, and needs your help prioritizing the investments that will best help DPS meet our Denver Plan goals.

1: Great Teachers in Every Classroom, Great Leaders in Every School

Potential Investments: More funding to schools to provide coaching, feedback and support to help teachers grow; more leadership roles for great teachers

Expected Outcomes: More effective teachers who remain in the classroom and in our schools longer, more effective leaders

2: Invest Early

Potential Investments: Highly trained ECE – 3rd grade literacy teachers, more support for struggling readers

Expected Outcomes: Many more students reading at or above grade level by 3rd grade, a proven indicator of success in middle and high school

3: Ready for College and Career

Potential Investments: Students gain exposure to college coursework and career experiences before graduation, 21st-century technology in the classroom

Expected Outcomes: More students graduate on time, ready for college and prepared for a global economy; lower college debt

4: Support for the Whole Child

Potential Investments: More funding to schools for social-emotional health services, student engagement programming and other supports

Expected Outcomes: Students come to school ready to learn, increase their attendance and time in the classroom and experience well-rounded learning and growth

5: Maintaining Older Buildings

Potential Investments: Addressing problems now while they are less expensive to fix, hiring more maintenance professionals

Expected Outcomes: Quality learning environments for students in every neighborhood, long-term savings on building repairs

How can you help?

Look at the five potential investment areas described above, and imagine you have $100 to invest among them. How would you invest your $100? Would you divide it up equally across all 5? Would you invest all of it in only one? Would you invest more in your top 1 or 2 picks and less in the others?

    $100 Remaining

    Great Teachers in Every Classroom, Great Leaders in Every School

    Invest Early

    Ready for College and Career

    Support for the Whole Child

    Maintaining Older Buildings