‘Enrollment Explosion’ Changing Face, Size of Denver Schools

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As Denver Public Schools celebrates its status as the largest school district in Colorado and the fastest growing urban school district in the nation, there is also a great need for more space — and up-to-date space — across the school system.

The reason? DPS Superintendent Tom Boasberg calls it an “enrollment explosion.” 90,143 students were enrolled in a DPS school in 2014, which is about 15,500 more students than in 2008.

“It’s a sign of the confidence and support of our parents and of our community for the Denver Public Schools,” Boasberg said.

That growing confidence from the community follows significant improvements over the last decade following the Denver Plan reforms.

As more families choose to enroll their children in DPS, there is also a growing need to not only renovate and expand existing school properties, but also to build new school buildings in growing regions of our city.

Those projects are happening at schools across DPS, thanks to the support of Denver voters and their approval of the 2012 Denver Public Schools Bond.

Bromwell Elementary School relocated to the historical Byers School campus for the 2014-15 school year while its school underwent significant renovations. The school received an open classroom redesign to cut down on neighboring noise and distractions. Visitors will also notice brighter hallways and classrooms due to an infusion of natural light from new ceiling fixtures and windows across the campus.

Another major project — which happened due to 2012 DPS Bond reserves — is at Girls Athletic Leadership School (GALS), an all girls middle school program which was quickly outgrowing its middle school architecture and gymnasium.

“We were bigger than the space when we moved in,” said GALS Founder Liz Wolfson. “Whether it’s the new and updated classrooms, the science materials or the new CHSSA-sized gymnasium, we’re finally going to have a facility that is worthy of the girls who are in this building.”

There are literally hundreds of additional 2012 DPS Bond projects across our city, including expansions to meet Early Childhood Education demands as well as a new high school in the Northfield region of Denver.

The 2012 Bond improvements are not just about expanding our schools and building new ones, either.

“The [2012 DPS] Bond money is critical to those renovations, and it’s critical for bringing more technology into our classrooms and bringing them into the 21st Century,” Boasberg said. “We are extraordinarily grateful to the voters of Denver for placing their trust in us.”