School-determined Budget


Facility Type

Shared Campus

Original Construction Date


*Note: 2016 Bond Budget represents direct construction costs. Not inclusive of design and management services, insurance allocations and inflation.

Project Updates

 Quality Learning Environments

Status: Complete
Scope of Work:
  • Modify existing field and basketball courts to create CHSSA soccer field with new basketball courts
  • Funding to make school determined, high-impact investments that may include areas such as classroom upgrades, furniture upgrades, or common space upgrades (front office, gymnasium, cafeteria).
  • Modifications to better accommodate high school on 3rd floor


Status: Complete
Scope of Work:
  • Classroom level air conditioning solution
  • Interior LED lighting upgrade; Repair/Upgrade Fire Sprinkler systems
  • Improve existing cooling and ventilation systems
  • Bond premium project: rebuild cooling tower

Technology and Safety

Status: Complete
Scope of Work:
  • Additional funding for student devices
  • Network and infrastructure
  • Safety investment in door hardware to support lockdown and upgrading existing systems

Construction Updates

2012 Bond

Bond Investment (Approximate):

$9,940,000 (Shared Campus total)

Key Project Elements:

Remodel/renovation: commons area, new science labs, new toilet rooms, music rooms, intervention space; maintenance to address boiler issues; replace A/C in telecommunications room; cooling enhancement; fire alarm and detection; potable water distribution; ADA improvements; furniture; window screens; chimney repair; student technology.