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What could a bond and mill levy fund? Early literacy and technology

A group of 75 community members from across Denver is helping DPS prioritize investments that could be included in a bond and mill levy request this fall. We want to share with you some details about the priorities the Community Planning and Advisory Committee (CPAC) is considering, before they make recommendations to the Board of Education in June.

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Can theater lights inspire Broadway careers? A South High School stage manager talks about how Denver bond and mill levy funding is preparing students for stages around the world.

South High School’s historic theatre makes the school’s proud traditions in dramatic arts easy to see and touch, right down to the show names graffitied on the theatre’s back wall. But for stage manager Richard Cole, the dilapidated equipment and aged auditorium threatened to dim theatre students’ futures.

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What difference does student voice make in school design? Denver’s 2012 bond and mill levy gave one Southmoor Elementary student the chance to be heard in a too-noisy school.

After five years at Southmoor Elementary, fourth-grade student Dean Trujillo had a lot of ideas about making his school a better place to learn. But it wasn’t until he was part of the school’s design advisory committee, with Southmoor parent Sarah Onley and his fourth-grade teacher Kristen Neumann, that he felt his ideas would be heard.

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