What is a bond?

Both a bond and mill levy are types of funding drawn from property taxes to support public projects and services. A bond is a one-time capital investment in schools and classrooms. Bond funds help renovate older schools to update them for 21st-century learning, build brand-new school buildings and buy additional educational technology. A bond can invest in building upgrades such as critical maintenance, sustainability or air conditioning.

In August of 2020 the Board of Education will vote on the funding package that was recommended by the Community Planning and Advisory Committee and decide whether to include a bond measure on Denver’s November 2020 ballot. Included in this package is allocated funding for: air conditioning in at least 20 more schools, critical maintenance and repairs, new schools in fast-growing neighborhoods of Denver, improved/expanded technology for students, and funds for each school to determine how best to improve their existing learning environments. 

Visit the FAQs for more details on the bond and mill levy, and see below for an informational video: