Announcing 2016 Bond Project Schedule

We are excited that Denver students will be the beneficiaries of a four year, $572 million General Obligation Bond. Since the passage of the bond, our construction team has worked to schedule the projects over the four-year term of the bond.

There is an understandable desire from many of our school communities to have their project(s) completed as soon as possible. However, there are limitations with the amount of work that can be completed within our short construction windows. With over 1,000 unique projects to complete, our scheduling principles play a key role in determining when work will occur. These principles include:

  • Prioritizing projects based on criticality of need: projects addressing risks to health, safety & security, and critical enrollment or learning environment needs (e.g., heating & cooling) have been scheduled earlier.
  • Where possible, prioritizing projects at high-needs schools
  • Ensuring some degree of geographic equity so that school communities in every region can see bond funding put into action.

You can find more information on scheduling principles and a project-by-project summary in this presentation.

You can find a summary of work by facility in this spreadsheet.

For any questions on bond scheduling, please contact