Air Conditioning Installation to Begin in Summer 2021

Cooling Systems to be Installed in 24 Schools Over Three Years

Plans are underway for implementing bond projects in DPS. One of the largest and most critical investments is $128.5 million dedicated to air conditioning and cooling for 24 of the hottest schools in DPS. 

In 2019, a temperature study was conducted in the 55 remaining DPS schools without air conditioning. The Community Planning and Advisory Committee reviewed this list and heard recommendations for how best to address increasingly hot buildings with a limited budget. 

The 24 selected schools were prioritized by a composite ranking system consisting of temperature, building utilization and an equity index. These buildings will receive cooling systems in classrooms and other shared spaces such as gyms, cafeterias, auditoriums and administrative areas. Nearly 15,000 students and the staff within these schools will benefit from a more comfortable learning environment. 

Installation of cooling systems will happen over the course of three summers, beginning this June. See below for the tentatively planned schedule (subject to change if construction planning requires adjustment in future summers):