2020 Bond and Mill Levy

On August 20, 2020, the DPS Board of Education voted on a resolution to adopt a bond and mill levy proposal for the November 2020 ballot. Denver voters will be asked to consider two measures: a $795 million bond for building and maintaining schools, and a $32 million Debt-Free Schools ballot initiative that would provide $32 million in school-based investment priorities. Read the full set of funding recommendations here.

If approved, the bond proposal will require an increase in the district’s bond debt but is not expected to raise property taxes based on current and forecasted property values. The mill levy proposal, if approved, is expected to cost about $4.25 per month or $51 annually for owners of a Denver home valued at the median $465,000.

Proposed Bond Investments

  • Capacity – $65 million
  • Quality Learning Environments (funds for classrooms, fields, labs, gyms, etc) – $65 million
  • Maintenance – $208 million
  • Cooling, including air conditioning, for 24 schools*- $128.5 million
  • Technology & Safety – $65 million
  • Montbello Campus – $130 million
  • Certificate of Participation (COP) Payback – $80 million
  • General Fund Relief – $25.5 million
  • Capacity Utilization Fund – $6 million
  • Elimination of Kepner COP lease payments – $11 million
  • Additional School-Determined Funds for high-needs schools – $2.2 million
  • Food and Nutrition Services Greenhouse – $2.1 million
  • Master Planning – $2 million
  • Turf Replacement – Evie Dennis Campus, South High School, West High School, North High School – $3.27 million
  • Bruce Randolph Hydroponics/Greenhouse Program – $1.14 million

Proposed Debt-Free Schools (Mill Levy) Investments

These investments will benefit all DPS schools:

  • Low Wage and Compensation Increases – $17 million
  • Mental Health Staff and Support – $3 million
  • Nursing Services  – $4 million
  • Special Education Services, including paraprofessionals and speech language pathologists – $2 million
  • Charter Share – $6 million

*Schools to Receive Air Conditioning

Ashley Elementary Force Elementary Smedley (Denver Montessori/Denver Online)
Carson Elementary Grant Beacon Middle School Smiley (McAuliffe International)
Columbine Elementary Hallett Academy Smith Elementary
Cowell Elementary Knapp Elementary Stedman Elementary
Denison Montessori Manual High School Steele Elementary
Ebert (Polaris Elementary) Merrill Middle School/C3 Elementary Thomas Jefferson High School
Fairview Elementary Rishel (KIPP Denver Collegiate/MSLA) Valverde Elementary
Fallis (Denver Green School) Sabin World School West High School

*DPS is integrating a requirement for each design team to consider alternative, sustainable cooling solutions including, but not limited to, mechanical and/or passive solutions to provide thermal comfort for the building.