Purpose: To maintain and expand community relationships and involvement to ensure mill levy funds are spent as originally intended and represented to the voters.

The ten programs funded through the 2016 mill levy are: CareerConnect, Dual Enrollment, Early Literacy, Paraprofessional-to-Teacher, Principal Pipeline, Summer Academy, Teacher Leadership and Collaboration, Technology, Transportation, Whole Child


  • Develop accountability system to track mill levy expenditure (2003, 2012 and 2016) and impact on student achievement
  • Advise on continuous improvement efforts within mill levy programs to increase impact on student achievement
  • To represent the work of the committee within the community.

Public Comment: Each committee meeting will reserve up to 10 minutes at the start for public comment. Speakers are limited to 2 minutes each and should email Robin Pulliam (robin_pulliam@dpsk12.org) 24 hours in advance to be added to the speaker list. If more than 5 speakers have requested time, later speakers will be scheduled for the following oversight meeting.

Prior Meetings and Materials:



  • Jan. 14: Planning Meeting 
  • March 3: Update from CareerConnect
  • May 5: Updates from Early Literacy and Paraprofessional-to-Teacher Programs
  • July 14: Dual Enrollment and Teacher Leadership and Collaboration updates
  • August 4: Whole Child Update


  • Jan. 15: Scorecard Data Review
  • March 5: Scorecard Finalization
  • April 9: Update to Board of Education and Presentation of Mill Levy Program Scorecards
  • May 7: Charter School Panel and New Committee Member Introductions
  • June 4: New Committee Member Introductions, Feedback on Scorecard Process, Goals Moving Forward
  • Aug. 6: Co-Chair Elections, Begin Achievement Report Process
  • Sept. 4: Achievement Report Data Review- Technology, Dual Enrollment, Para-to-Teacher, Early Literacy, Transportation
  • Sept. 7: Achievement Report Data Review- Summer Academy, CareerConnect, Principal Pipeline, Teacher Leadership and Collaboration, Whole Child
  • Oct. 1: Draft Achievement Report, CPAC Selection Committee
  • Nov. 12: Finalize Achievement Reports



Committee Members:

Jack Becker

Laurence Bleicher

Will Chan

Kim Cotter

Michelle Garrison

Eliot Lewis

Leslii Lewis

Paula McClain

Nadine Penn (Co-Chair)

Farman Pirzada (Co-Chair)

Rafael Orona Reyes

Pamela Roberts

Mill Levy Achievement Reports

Since January 2018, the Mill Levy Oversight Committee has been working through a deliberative process to collect and review data related to each of the ten 2016 Mill Levy programs by creating and analyzing detailed program achievement reports (formerly called scorecards). On April 22, 2019, the committee co-chairs presented their initial findings and takeaways to the Board of Education, and then presented updated 2018-19 findings on November 18, 2019.  This information will be valuable in the ongoing progress monitoring of each program.

The complete 2018-19 achievement reports can be found here. (Spanish version here)

2017-2018 achievement reports can be found here.