2008 Bond Summary

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2008 Bond: Use of Fund Savings

During the second through fourth years of the implementation of the 2008 Bond Program (2009 ” 2011), savings were identified and reallocated to newly prioritized projects of the Bond program. These savings were commonly a result of favorable market conditions for the contractor (DPS), efficiencies in bundling of similar projects, and/ or adjustments in the given scope of work. Funds unallocated, or saved, were returned to the general bond fund program and were not considered to be earmarked for a given schools project or use.

These savings accrued and were reported to the Bond and Mill Levy Oversight Committee at their bi-monthly meetings. Annually, the Committee would review the staff recommendations of priority projects and needs; considered critieria for prioritization and make recommendations to the staff on prioritization of given projects.

Below is a list of the savings and the additional projects that were achieved through the use of savings.savings

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