Thomas Jefferson

3950 S Holly St, Denver, CO 80237

Year Built: 1960

2016 Bond

2016 Bond School-Determined Budget (Approximate): $2,230,000

2016 Key Project Elements:

Exterior LED lighting upgrade; Improve existing cooling and ventilation systems; Repair/update exit lighting for fire safety; Replace boiler components; Replace Fire Alarm and Detection System; Replace playing field artificial turf; Various ADA improvements; Funding to make school determined investments that may include: Carpet/Tile/Paint/Furniture; Lighting; Restrooms; Gym/Auditorium/Cafeteria/Library; Lockers; Additional funding for student devices; Network and infrastructure

2012 Bond

2012 Bond Investment (Approximate): $4,871,164

2012 Key Project Elements:

Roofing; pool piping and equipment; replace A/C in telecommunications room; cooling enhancement; athletic equipment; ADA improvments; code upgrades; correct science safety issues; student technology.