3755 S Magnolia Way, Denver, CO 80237

Year Built: 1974

2016 Bond

2016 Bond School-Determined Budget (Approximate): $100,000

2016 Key Project Elements:

Exterior LED lighting upgrade; Interior LED lighting upgrade; Repipe kitchen waste line; Funding to make school determined; high-impact investments that may include areas such as classroom upgrades; furniture upgrades; or common space upgrades (front office; gymnasium; cafeteria); Additional funding for student devices; Network and infrastructure

2012 Bond

2012 Bond Investment (Approximate): $2,770,000

2012 Key Project Elements:

Classroom renovation to convert from open plan; replaced hard surface flooring; replace A/C in telecommunications room; code upgrades; ADA improvements; signage; fire sprinkler; furniture; stage curtains; student technology.

What difference does student voice make in school design? Denver’s 2012 bond and mill levy gave one Southmoor Elementary student the chance to be heard in a too-noisy school.

After five years at Southmoor Elementary, fourth-grade student Dean Trujillo had a lot of ideas about making his school a better place to learn. But it wasn’t until he was part of the school’s design advisory committee, with Southmoor parent Sarah Onley and his fourth-grade teacher Kristen Neumann, that he felt his ideas would be heard.

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