Montbello Campus

5000 Crown Blvd, Denver, CO 80239

Year Built: 1980

2016 Bond

2016 Bond School-Determined Budget (Approximate): $300,000

2016 Key Project Elements:

Build fitness room and weight room; Build locker rooms and additional athletic support areas; Build playing field and basketball courts; Create additional science labs (currently only 1); Expand cafeteria; Funding to make school determined; high-impact investments that may include areas such as classroom upgrades; furniture upgrades; or common space upgrades (front office; gymnasium; cafeteria); Additional funding for student devices; Network and infrastructure

2012 Bond

2012 Bond Investment (Approximate): $21,288,902

2012 Key Project Elements:

13-classroom addition with gym; library remodel; replace all heating/cooling systems; fire sprinkler system; pool and piping equipment; ADA improvements; code upgrades; remodel science labs; freezer/cooler replacement; student technology; student technology.

STRIVE Prep - Montbello Annual Mill Investment (Approximate): 230000
DCIS at Montbello Annual Mill Investment (Approximate): 790000
Noel Community Arts School Annual Mill Investment (Approximate): 730000