2016 Mill Levy Oversight Committee

Purpose: To maintain and expand community relationships and involvement to ensure mill levy funds are spent as originally intended and represented to the voters.


Public Comment: Each committee meeting will reserve up to 10 minutes at the start for public comment. Speakers are limited to 2 minutes each and should email Gavin Goodall (gavin_goodall@dpsk12.org) 24 hours in advance to be added to the speaker list. If more than 5 speakers have requested time, later speakers will be scheduled for the following oversight meeting.

Upcoming Meetings:

December 12th, 4:30pm location TBD

Prior Meetings and Materials:

–       March 21stKickoff Meeting

–       May 2nd: Early Literacy and MyTech

–       June 20th: Whole Child

–      July 11th: CareerConnect-Overview

–      Aug 22nd: Teacher Leadership and Collaboration Overview

–      Dec 12th: Transportation

Committee Members:

• Eliot Lewis

• Jennifer Landrum

• Justin Shankle

• Kimberly Cotter

• Laurence Bleicher (co-chair)

• Leanna Clark

• Leslii Lewis

• Lizeth Sandoval

• Lori Mack

• Oscar Gomez

• Sandra Reza

• Sean Vanberschot

• Tara DelaFuente

• Will Chan

• Michelle Garrison (co-chair)

• Nadine Penn